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Looking for a Quick Sale? We will buy your House 4 Cash

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Peace of mind that comes from knowing that your money is working for you while you go about living the life you love. 

personalised service

Personalised Service

We start with a blank slate and tailor our services to match your investment style.

  • Small & large investors
  • UK and foreign investors
  • High Net Worth individuals
  • Heavily discounted deals
  • High yielding deals
  • Bulk deals
  • Capital growth portfolios
  • High cash flowing portfolios
  • Hybrid portfolios
  • Short term & long term options
hands off investments

Hands-off experience

Acquisition of Properties using advanced investment strategies requires a highly specialised team. We support you in the whole process right from the pre-purchase due diligence to operating the asset after completion.

Our team of approved Solicitors, Mortgage Brokers, Furniture Suppliers, Letting & Management Agents and Builders are available for use by you at pre-negotiated discounted rates. 



Empower yourself with the knowledge and confidence it takes to do this on your own.

Maximise your potential in the property market and how to be outstanding when it comes to property investing by getting trained in all aspects of investing from raising finance to investing using complex property investment strategies, sourcing below market value properties, effective negotiations and asset management. 

How you can get started

How does you dream life look like? Are you living it? What is in your way? 

Time. Money. Knowledge. I don’t know. Don’t get stopped by these barriers anymore. 

Start with a blank slate. Set yourself free from the rat race.


Guaranteed Returns

A low risk high returns strategy. Get a guaranteed return of 6% + on your capital employed (see FAQ section below for difference between Yield and Return on Capital Employed).

Your money will be invested to purchase a specific property of your choosing. After purchase, property will be handed over to Dreams Unlimited to control for a period of 3 – 5 yrs and you will continue to receive your promised monthly cashflow without having to worry about voids, tenant issues and all other usual administrative tasks associated with being a landlord. 

guaranteed returns


100% Control

We provide you access to our list of BMV (Below Market Value) properties and educate you on the most effective strategies to investing your capital in a UK property that matches the returns you desire to achieve. Property purchase is packaged and facilitated by Dreams Unlimited from start to finish, including getting the property into operation after the purchase. 

You get to choose your options at every step in the process and maintain 100% control on how the property is utilised after the purchase.

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Our Story

One hell of an adventure...

Shweta and Rajesh met when they were teens. Adventurers at heart, their life has been a myriad of experiences.

“On the journey, we saw the creative possibilities and the highly leveraged financial returns that property investments promised. We just wanted EVERYONE to have this!” Dreams Unlimited was born in 2017 with a purpose to provide people an access to the life of their dreams through investing in Properties.

“We look forward to making a difference with you.”

Shweta & Rajesh