Our Process

steps you need to take start investing in property

At Dreams Unlimited we make it a very simple process for investors looking to invest in part of our bulk deals. 

The 7 points below provide a simple guide on the steps you need to take start investing in buy to let property.

Rajesh Singh

Plan / Strategy

Our property investment consultants are experts in planning the best strategy for you to achieve your investment goals. They will work with you to understand your situation so that they can recommend the right properties that will help you towards achieving your financial objectives.


If you do not have an existing relationship with a mortgage broker then you can speak to one of ours who will qualify your situation and recommend a suitable mortgage product.

If you are a foreign investor, we have provisions for your investments too. 

While taking a mortgage creates the biggest leverage for maximum yields, some of our investors chose to buy the property outright because of investing through complex strategies that such an approach is suited to. 


Our consultants will organise viewings and provide the necessary due diligence to enable you to choose the right property that suits your investment criteria. They will also help you through each step of the purchase process all the way through to completion.


When you have found a suitable property your property investment consultant will issue the necessary paperwork so the property can be reserved in your name. In some cases a small reservation deposit may be required which would form part of the purchase price. This is not an additional cost; it shows the developer that you are committed to purchasing the property.


We will take care of as much of the process as you would like. Most clients prefer to take advantage of the discounted rates that have been pre-negotiated exclusively for Dreams unlimited clients. Therefore we will help you instruct your solicitor, ensure the mortgage application is progressing and make sure a tenant is lined up so that your investment is ready for completion.


You now own the property. We are always here to help with any issues that might arise in the future. 


If the property requires any refurbishment or modification work to add value (this would have been discussed and agreed at the strategy stage), we will put you in touch with our approved building team to carry out the works.  

At Dreams Unlimited property consultants, we offer in house comprehensive Letting Management services that cater to standard buy-to-lets, HMOs, as well as short-term lettings (Serviced Accommodation), ensuring seamless operations after you purchase your property. However, we understand that some investors may have their preferred letting management agency or might wish to manage their property independently. In such cases, we are fully prepared to liaise with your chosen third party or directly with you, the investor, to facilitate a smooth transition and handover of the property operations once all refurbishment or modification works are completed. These enhancements, aimed at adding value to your investment, are carried out by our approved building team, as previously discussed and agreed upon during the strategy stage.

For every property deal, we are known for achieving rents at the top end of the market range at very competetive management fees. This is part of our commitment to providing you with optimal returns on your investment.